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Help us STOP Daily Rentals! Fill out your information, click the button, and your petition signature will be automatically emailed to all 5 Brevard County Commissioners, our County Manager and County Attorney. Tell your friends! We need as many people as possible to tell our Commissioners NO to Daily Rentals in our neighborhoods!

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As residents of Brevard County, we want to keep our current zoning laws in place and protect our unincorporated residential neighborhoods from zoning changes that would allow short-term Vacation Rentals throughout our county.

We do not want our quiet residential neighborhoods to be converted to daily or hourly rentals through corporate rental companies, or services like Airbnb and VRBO.

By signing this petition, we want to let our Brevard County Commissioners, County Manager and County Attorney know how much we value our unincorporated Brevard County communities.

We do not want changes to our zoning that may negatively affect our quality of life as residents or negatively affect our neighborhoods, beaches, wildlife, and beautiful natural environment.

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Contact our Commissioners

Please call and email all 5 Commissioners, our County Manager and County Attorney

John Tobia

District 3 Commissioner

Rita Pritchett

District 1 Commissioner

Bryan Lober

District 2 Commissioner

Curt Smith

District 4 Commissioner

Kristine Zonka (formerly Isnardi)

District 5 Commissioner

Frank Abbate

County Manager

Eden Bentley, Esq

Brevard County Attorney

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